Imagining a rainy day away

Does the Seattle rain have you stuck indoors with the kids? Don’t let it rain on your parade – literally! Bring the parade inside and make it the most imaginative and silliest parade you’ve ever seen. No matter what kind of day it is you can always find new and creative ways to have fun! Here are a few great ideas to try during those rainy days- with items you should find in most any home.

  • Make an air fort: Grab a large sheet and a fan to create a tunnel for crawling around in… Pretend to be pilots or birds!
  • Indoor bowling: Find a ball and some toys around the house that would work as “Bowling Pins”. Time to score a few strikes!
  • Treat cookies: Who doesn’t love sharing yummy treats? Have the kids wrap a cookie for mom, dad, or even a teacher – you can even sit down together and design “just because” cards to go along with them. A thoughtful and rewarding activity for everyone!
  • Create your own time capsule: Have the kids gather a few special mementos and write down their favorites songs, movies, and hobbies they enjoy. They can even include a few personal goals – so much fun to look back on later down the road.
  • Paper bag puppets: A simple and creative craft for all ages! You’ll need brown paper bags, construction paper and glue, of course. Create themes and put on a silly puppet show for everyone!
  • Dress Up: Let everyone’s goofy side show and dress up a little crazy! Find items around the house and throw together a few colorful outfits – leave it to your imagination to create something great and march around the house parade-style. Show off that silly gear!

It’s true they say that every day is what you make it… So on those wet and gloomy days just put your heads together and make the day an unforgettable one.

Kelley has been a nanny for over 8 years.  Some of her favorite things to do with kids are art projects, outdoor games, and imaginative play. When she’s not engaging in silly games, you’ll find her in a yoga studio or cozied up with her cat and a good book.

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