Meet Poppy!

How do you do? I’m Poppy. I’m your splendid fairy “god-helper” that’s just a text message away. Forgive me for just a moment while I practice my pitch:

When you need a pinch hitter, I’ll find you someone in a flitter. There’s no need to chittera simple text will do. My sitters can take care of your whole litter (as long as they’re not critters).

So get rid of those jitters. I’m no quitter, and it must be saidthere’s no one fitter to match you with the perfect sitter.

Dear me… Ahem… In all seriousness, I’m simply a matchmaker. No, not of the romantic kind. This is matchmaking for a different kind of relationship, but one that’s equally as special. I look forward to pairing your family with the most delightful caregivers in your neighborhood. The ones that make your child’s eyes light up when they walk through the door. (Yes, they do exist!)

If my silly little rhyme wasn’t clear, here’s how it works: text me the date and time that you need help, then just sit pretty while I coordinate the rest. I’ll promptly respond to your message once a match is secured. It only takes a text. Brilliant, right?

You can rest easy knowing every sitter we send into the world has taken the Poppy Pledge™. It’s a pledge to bring a dash of whimsy, a burst of glee, and a flood of joy into your home and the lives of your children. Each sitter is also Poppy Certified™  – the most rigorous of screening processes I could imagine.

I proudly sing the praises of each and every sitter, and I’m confident you will too. At the end of each session, please do share your feedback. It further helps me find a complementary caregiver for your child and for your family.

Poppy! There’s no copy. And even when it’s soppyoh, blimey. Here I am waffling on again about myself when I’d really love to learn more about you. If you’re in need of care, click here. And if you’re an exceptional caregiver with at least five years of experience, click here.

Cheers, dears!


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