On the mission to earn trust.

How can I trust this person with my most precious anything?

This is the question we obsess about every day. Every minute.

It’s the most fundamental question any parent has when considering childcare. Whether it’s a daycare or a nanny or a babysitter or even school.

I know because it’s the main question my husband and I have asked countless times in our search for our village, in the absence of living close to our families.

It’s one of the hardest questions out there and one of the toughest problems to solve.

The first part has to do with finding the very best, most qualified people. The second part is figuring out how to make this person not a stranger, but someone who is known.

For the first part of the challenge, we focus on where we can find the best people – referrals, childcare networks, preschools etc. Our rigorous vetting process then makes sure even these very qualified people can meet our even higher standards.

And it’s not only about the basics, like clean background checks or CPR/First Aid. It’s about going much deeper into the motivations and situational experiences each candidate has. We learn this through a detailed applications, multiple interviews and thorough reference checks.

Having done it hundreds of times, we’ve been quickly able to build up the expertise to see the who is the real deal vs someone just looking for a job.

But now actually comes the harder part. We know these are amazing caregivers. People that bring this incredible love for children with an orientation towards health and safety. But how can we share this knowledge with parents? How do we share what we know with the people who ultimately need to trust them?

That’s where we’re continually testing out new things. Detailed profiles or Facetime meetings or intro bookings or Open Houses. We’re open to new ideas but the heart of it is: how do we make the unknown known?

Childcare is probably the hardest business I’ve ever worked on (and I’ve worked on many) – even more than healthcare and food and packaged goods and groceries. Because ultimately we’re talking about trust. How we earn it. How we keep it.

It’s what our team obsesses over each day.

Because it’s the only way we’ll really ever solve childcare the way it needs to be solved. The way every family deserves it to be solved.

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