Poppy payments are here!

The long awaited day has arrived. Poppy is finally cash-free. Now, just like Uber, when your booking is done, your credit card will be simply and seamlessly charged.

Amazing right? Some people (many in fact), will ask, why wasn’t this done sooner? Well, first, payments are a complicated thing you want to spend some time on getting right, but the main thing was that while annoying, payments weren’t the most urgent thing in need of fixing.

Finding wonderful, qualified caregivers and figuring out an efficient way to match them to families was the more pressing puzzle to noodle on.

And now that we’ve made a sizable dent in that and grown to a respectable size, we’ve realized that payments is now the most broken thing. The challenges of hundreds of families having to run to ATMs or fish out check books each week, the trials of caregivers mistakenly being underpaid or being forgotten to be paid, the awkwardness of having to figure out names and sums and details….

Painful. Now over.

As of today, you’ll simply connect your credit card. Once your booking is complete you’ll see the amount to be charged based on the actual time worked and you’ll be given the chance to round up or add a bit extra if warranted. That’s it.

Imagine that. A night out, or errand run or the end of a busy day. Now you can greet your caregiver, run to the kids and focus on the next thing. No pesky details to worry about.

If you have any questions at all, check out this FAQ or just drop me a line: avni@poppyteam.com. In the meantime, we hope helps make your life just that much simpler.

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