Letter to families.

Hi –

I’m writing to let you know about some upcoming changes for Poppy. As Poppy has grown over the past year from a little Madison Park idea serving 15 families to now a thriving Seattle-wide service serving over 1,200 families, we have learned a tremendous amount about what you value and what it takes to deliver the Poppy experience every family deserves.

In order to continue to grow with the same uncompromising service, we’ll be making some important rate and membership changes that will go into effect September 13, 2016.

First, to access and schedule Poppy’s community of screened caregivers, there will be a monthly membership fee of $8/month. As we expand offerings (eg. overnights, household help etc) this will cover access to our whole range of services.

Second, rates for caregiver services will increase to start at $20/hr for 1 child and $22/hr for 2 children. Infant care specialists will be +$4/hour for children 2–12 months (eg. $24/hr for one infant), in recognition of the special skills this role requires. Finally, nanny share arrangements will also be +$4/hr to ensure high quality service for both families.

Rates will automatically be updated for all bookings Tuesday, September 13 onwards and charged using the credit card on file. Any remaining Poppy membership will convert to the new plans at the $8/month.

We’ve learned a lot over this past year – about what it takes to find best caregivers and about what it takes to deliver exceptional service. We want to make sure we can keep doing this for years to come.

If you have questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for allowing us to serve your families over the past year. It has been a true privilege and we’re looking forward to writing this next chapter of Poppy with you.


Avni and the whole Poppy HQ team (Richerd, Sarah, Jenna, Maggie and Nik)

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