Adventuring on with Barefoot Books

I love books. I love the stories they tell, I love the worlds they open up. And now with two littles of my own I’ve so enjoyed sharing that love with them.

Of course there are many wonderful books – ones with tall tales or silly stories, ones with beautiful illustrations or simple doodles. It’s all about the story they weave and the place they transport us to.

So when I first came across Barefoot Books I was intrigued. They told beautifully engaging stories but woven in were these little extras – either a game or activity or learning feature. I loved how they shared ideas on how to extend the story and bring the concepts to life.

That was back when my oldest was maybe a year or two. Now four years later, we’ve only added to our collection.

I was reading one of the books to my younger daughter a couple of weeks ago and I thought our Poppy community would love these books so I reached out to the CEO, Nancy Traversy. She has graciously extended our Poppy family a 25% discount for any of the books they carry – just use the code POPPY on

Here are some of our favs to get your own collection started…


  1. I took the moon for a walk – a nighttime staple in our house that also introduces the basics of astronomy.
  2. Yoga Pretzels – we’ve also recently started doing “nighttime” yoga to wind down and these are great way to do that.
  3. World Atlas -I’m the biggest map nerd – I could stare at maps for hours on end and I love this book for how it starts to get kids interesting in this big beautiful world we live in.
  4. I could be, you could be – Such a simple book that encourages big imaginations. I love the suggestions at the back about creating masks and acting out different scenes.
  5. Big and small – a great little staple in a baby library with beautiful illustrations.

And a couple honorable mentions…

  • Spanish World of Words – with our girls getting fluent in Spanish with our nanny this book comes in handy when I don’t know what my toddler is saying and I finally realize she’s saying “ropa” (clothes).
  • Book of Children – in a world where empathy is needed more than ever, this is a beautiful book to start introducing those concepts naturally.

Happy adventuring!

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