Keeping the fun safe in the sun.


Here in Seattle, it’s finally starting to feel like summer after what felt like an endlessly gray winter. It’s easy to get giddy in our rush to get outdoors with the kids but as we do, we have a couple of tips to keep in mind so that safety is still top of mind.


Sun safety:
  • Sunscreen needs to be applied (even if overcast or you’re in the shade) every two hours
  • Don’t leave house without water
  • Limit time outside if temperatures are super hot (80 or above)
    • At peak sun times, take an inside break (eg. between 11am-3pm)
Park Safety
  • Keep kiddos within eyesight (for younger children, within reach)
  • Do a quick scan of the park to see if there is anyone or anything that looks out of place
  • Avoid answering personal questions about the family/letting kids give that info out freely
  • Assess the ability levels of children, or if you know you are going to park,  ask parents how the kiddos large motor abilities are (climbing, balance, etc) 
  • Make sure to set boundaries of where kiddos can run and play (again, always within eye sight or reach
Outdoor Play Safety
  • Scan and assess areas for any potentially dangerous situations (eg. gardening stuff left out (fertilizer/ spades etc))
  • Lead the kiddos in age appropriate play if there are kids of multiple ages, try options that all can participate in safely (eg. bubbles or simple obstacle course)
  • If there any pools (even the little ones, filled with water), observe full water safety
Just a couple simple safety tips so keep in mind so that you get back to the best part play in the warm and sun.

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