Making magic: connecting caregivers to families

I’ve been part of the Poppy team for over a year now and it is amazing how much has changed during that time (remember when caregivers would fill in schedules on Google calendar and type a yes” or no” response to every booking request!? CRAZY!).

The one thing that has stayed constant is our goal to create the modern village for every family and to help each Poppy work with families that they love.

At the core of this is the family + caregiver match. Since we started, we’ve been obsessed with figuring out what a great pairing looks like. After testing and trying many things, we’ve been able to better understand the art and science that goes into this.

We’re now at a place where we can really expand on the science” or the technology part of this vision. We’re taking all of that information and insight and turning it into the ability to connect families directly to caregivers with minimal Poppy intervention.

What does this mean? Well we want families to be able to submit a request and for that request to automatically get to the right caregivers based on location, availability, age of kids and fit/preference. 

This means that over time, we’re better able to get you more bookings that more exactly fit your availability, preferred neighborhoods and preferred ages of kids.

Exciting stuff!

But for this to work, we need your help.

First, your schedule information has to be as accurate as possible. 

    • If you’re the perfect person to send a request to but we don’t know if you’re available or not, we won’t be able to send it to you automatically. So it’s even more important that your schedule is kept as accurate and filled out as possible. Green and red blocks of time are good, white space is no good.


Second, we need you to respond to requests as quickly as possible.

    • Our ideal is when each request goes only to the best fit Poppy, one at a time, and you’re able to review and respond to it without worrying about someone grabbing” it faster. But for this to happen, we need everyone to respond to requests (either Accept” or No Thanks”) as quickly as you’re able to so it can go to the next caregiver.iPhone booking request.png
With these two simple steps, you can help Poppy make magic by making it even easier for Poppy to connect you to the families that you love to work with.

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