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On November 29, 2015, our son Willie was born and as a new family of three, it took us awhile to find our footing.  My husband and I had moved to Seattle from Minneapolis and found ourselves with a newborn and no family in Seattle to help (YIKES!).

I went back and looked for my first text to Poppy – it was on January 24, 2016 just shy of having a 2 month old.  I remember being terrified at the thought of leaving him with a stranger and yet desperately wanting time out of the house.  Although my relationship with Poppy and Avni has been via text, I have always felt as though my son is in the best hands.  By having Poppy in my life, it allowed me to get the self-care I craved.

Because of Poppy I…

Found my peeps:
Call it a tribe, your people, your peeps, whatever, but this is so important.  I was fortunate to be involved in pre-natal yoga through Aditi which gave me a group of Moms pre and post baby to lean on.  A friend from Aditi actually referred me to Poppy.  I joined groups through Swedish and PEPs too.  I can’t recommend this enough.  These women remain a great support systems and remind me that taking care of mama is so very important.

Found myself again:
I remember not recognizing myself after my son was born.  I was (so, so, so) sleep deprived, my body didn’t belong to me and I had a baby strapped to me in an Ergo most of the day.  I craved the person I was “before” and yet was learning to go easy on myself as a new Mom.  It took a bit of time but eventually I was back at yoga, running errands (alone!), I was cooking dinner (periodically), taking my vitamins, date nights started up again.  Ahhhh….. so refreshing.  But it’s every changing. Someone gets sick, I’m late for work, laundry isn’t done and we’re ordering takeout…again…and so it goes.

I have a long way to go with self-care but I put one foot in front of the other as all parents do.  I’m so incredibly thankful to Poppy for being a trusted resource for my family during the ups and downs of Motherhood.

Below are a couple of resources from my “tool kit” of self-care:

  • Find your favorite Poppies and make plans to use them! Even if it’s to run errands, go for a walk with a friend or plan a date day or night.
  • Rest and balance is restored for me at Sound Wellness Acupuncture
  • I utilized Aditi for all my Pre and Postnatal yoga/massage
  • We worked with a sleep consultant because my son had a really difficult time with sleep in year one. Although Leann is out of state, she has been (and continues to be) a real asset.  Tender Transitions
  • My “Mom fog” has lifted since I started incorporating High quality supplements into my daily routine.
  • Instacart: I rarely go to the Grocery Store anymore

Feel free to reach out to me ( if you want to chat more about any of the resources in my “tool kit” or if you have tips you can share with me!  I’m all ears.

Guest author Jennie Reis

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