Introducing Poppy Sitter!

Childcare professionals can come in many shapes and sizes. They are particularly varied when it comes to their experience. Some have nannied for 8 years while others were camp counselors. Some have graduate degrees related to children and others just informal know-how.

At Poppy we pride ourselves in working to understand each caregiver’s experience, qualifications, and strengths. For the past couple years as we developed that expertise, we chose to work with the most experienced caregivers.

That has meant not only highly experienced caregivers that can deal with the most complex of situations but higher rates to fairly compensate these professionals.

We are committed to finding different options that work for families’ many different needs. Which is why we are introducing a new Poppy Sitter tier, to supplement the existing tier, which will now be called Poppy Pro.

What’s the difference?

Poppy Sitters are vetted the same rigorous way we vet all caregivers, but their childcare experience has been in more informal settings like occasional babysitting for a handful of families. Their experience tends to match well with caring for kiddos 2 years and up.

Poppy Sitters are $17/hr for one child, $18/hr for two kids and $19/hr for 3 kids.
Our original tier will now be called Poppy Pros and these will continue to be those caregivers that have extensive experience in more formal childcare roles (i.e full-time nanny or working in a professional setting) and they’re able to work with a more diverse range of ages and needs. Poppy Pros start at $20/hr and include Infant Specialists that start at $24/hr.

Meet a couple of our Poppy Sitters!

Are Poppy Sitters a good fit for my family?

Every family is different so we suggest asking these questions and assessing what Tier is the best for my needs.
  • Are my kids over 2 years old? Generally Poppy Sitters have experience with kids over 2 years old, so if you have younger kids or are looking for someone experienced with diapers, naps etc, Poppy Sitter won’t be a fit for you.
  • Do we have simple routines and needs? Things like consistent bedtimes, simple meals and no discipline concerns? Then consider a Poppy Sitter. Otherwise having a Poppy Pro will help put you at ease if there are tricky bedtimes or special needs involved.
  • Do I want more of a responsible playmate than a professional that should be an authority figure? Poppy Sitters are typically younger college students less experienced in different discipline philosophies while Poppy Pros have some type of professional experience whether it’s as a nanny, teacher, therapist etc.
  • Do you need caregivers that have experience with specific skillsets (eg. Infants or special needs)? If so, Poppy Pros will be a better fit.

How do I request a Poppy Sitter?

Now, when you submit a request, you’ll be able to select which tiers you’d like us to match you with. If you’re flexible, choose both. (Just a note that as we get up and going, the availability of Poppy Sitters will be more limited than Poppy Pros but we’ll let you know and ask if you’re okay with getting a Pro instead.)

Poppy Sitters are a wonderful addition to the Poppy family. Caregivers that bring a great energy and passion for childcare and who are perfect for many of the families in our community.

Feel free to text us if you have any questions or if you wonder if a Poppy Sitter will be a good fit for your family.

Or, try it out and request a Poppy Sitter now: Request a Poppy

As always, we’re committed to building the modern village with the options that work best for today’s families. 

PS Anytime we mention Sitter it’ll mean the Poppy Sitter tier. Our general term will always be Poppies” or caregivers”.

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