10 minute emergency planning

Wills, emergency plans, life insurance. Most of us suck at them all. I know I do. I’ve procrastinated to the point of irresponsibility. Because I don’t want to think about who gets my kids if I’m not there or worry about Ms M having to hand my 3-year-old the hastily written note in her earthquake bag. I hate the thought of a reality that remotely needs my having thought through these questions.

So I don’t.

But if there is one thing that this past year has shown us with all of the devastating floods and fires, mudslides and errant missile alerts, it’s that we all need to have these conversations. And we need to plan.

It’s because it’s hard, that it’s necessary.

At Poppy we try to make the hard, delightful. So we thought of finding a way to make this as pain-free and straightforward for families.

So here’s a wonderfully simple and non-overwhelming approach to emergency planning. A quick little quiz that spits out a handy-dandy emergency plan for you, put together by Sharon Pope, a marketer and a mama that loses sleep like we do over this stuff.

Let’s do this.

1) Make a Plan.
Take 10 minutes and fill out the Emergency Plan form now: 

This plan is West Coast-centric and focused on earthquakes but plan for the emergencies that are most relevant for where you live: Family Disaster Plan

2) Gather Supplies.
Then, buy whatever supplies your home might be missing: 
Disaster Supply List FAM DISASTER PREP

  • Don’t forget that water, fire extinguishers and flashlights
  • Also photocopies of personal documents

3) Share and Practice. 
Finally, tell the people that will need to know about your plan: family, nannies, teachers, neighbors. And practice the plan.

It’s not fun to think about or plan for. But if you’re like me, you’ll definitely sleep easier once you have.

Other Resources:
1) Government emergency info: Plan Ahead for Disasters | Ready.gov

2) American Red Cross: Make a Plan

3) Build your own kit list: Build a Kit

4) Emergency Planning with your kids: WIRED article 

5) Ready-made Earthquake Kit: Earthquake Bag

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