Be mine, Valentine. 5 ways to celebrate with someone you love this week.

Depending on who you are, you’re looking forward to Valentine’s Day with giddy anticipation or eye-rolling dread. But no matter what you think about candy hearts and red roses, it’s nice to have a week that celebrates love and appreciation.

In that spirit, the Poppy HQ team share their favorite not-so-traditional ways to spend time with a loved one.

Rebecca – Operations:
Take an art class together or head to an art supply shop to pick up canvases and paint. Draw or paint portraits of each other. Don’t reveal until the end. Then laugh at how bad they are.

Sarah – Recruiting
Head to the market for a shop the market and cooking class. You’ll get to see where the chefs stop and pick up ingredients for a meal you cook. A fun way to play tourist in your own city but enjoy a meal you get to cook together.


Nik- Engineer

Head over to Ballard for an old-school record and pizza night. Buy a record at Bop Street Records, pick up pizza at Ballard Pizza Company and dessert at Hot Cakes and go back home to enjoy pizza and beer with new music in the background.


Avni – CEO
We love to hop on a ferry! Head to either Bainbridge for the day or even just a quick jaunt over to West Seattle and lunch at Marination Station. Grab a newspaper and do the crossword together or just enjoy watching the waves and catching up. Maybe even rent bikes on the other side if the weather is good. Something about ferries that make you feel like you’re “getting away from it all”.

Kate – Operations
Depending on your mood, you could get take-out from your favorite restaurant (mine is Tuk-Tuk Thai) and play card games or head to the mountains for some hiking/skiing and end the day with beers and nachos at Nacho Borracho.


Bookis – Engineer
For a longer adventure, we love to take a drive around the peninsula or down the coast, stopping at different sites, hot springs, beach, hikes, cute towns, then dinner and a b&b.

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