Introducing Poppy Choice!

Poppy was created with the goal of building a trusted community of caregivers and families that can be connected quickly and easily when care is needed.

We’ve worked hard to find and vet incredible caregivers and connect them with families for all of those random gaps in care each week – the reason that Poppy has served so many so well in the past.

But one piece of feedback we’ve heard from parents consistently is that they would love the option to see and choose which Poppies to ask. So we’re excited to announce the launch of Poppy Choice.

Parent choice
Now you can see and choose the Poppies you’d like to request.

The same Poppy magic will be behind the scenes, suggesting the caregivers that will be the best fit for your family but now, you’ll be able to scroll through a curated shortlist and select up to 5 Poppies to send your request to.

  • This list will automatically include your favorites and previous Poppies at the top if they’ve said they’re available at that time. Otherwise, you’ll see a list of other great Poppies you can send a request to.
  • If your request doesn’t show many Poppies available, then you’ll see the option for Poppy to step in and help out (eg. for last minute requests or busy times).
  • You can choose between 1-5 caregivers to send your request to. Our recommendation is to send it to as many as possible to maximize getting a confirmation as quickly as possible.

As we grow and serve more families with different needs, and as we bring on caregivers with a variety of backgrounds, we want to more directly connect parents to the caregivers they feel will best work for their family.  Poppy Choice is the first step on this journey.

This is just the beginning, and there are many more updates and improvements to come. We welcome your feedback as we work to make Poppy work even better for you.


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