Now you can request by favorite Poppy!

Recently we introduced Poppy Choice – where you can select which Poppies you’d like to request, from a curated shortlist of caregivers that are the best fit for that time and need.
But we also know there are times when you’d love to have a specific Poppy so now, you’re able to see your Poppy Team and when they’ve listed their availability to request them during those times.


Key things to know:

  • Manage your roster from the Poppy Team tab – there you can star your favorites, if they’re not already, or reshuffle your team as needed. You can also access their schedules from this page.
  • Request during available times – you can edit the times within the available block. Confirm that the times and duration are correct before submitting the request.
  • If a caregiver can’t do the request, PoppyHQ will reach out to you. Because you’re requesting a specific person, we won’t automatically ask someone else but you can let us know how we can help – either find a time your original Poppy can do or ask other Poppies.

    Here are some common questions, answered:

  • Why don’t I see some of the Poppies I’ve had in the past?
    Only currently active Poppies will show – those that are away for school or currently taking a break will not be shown in this list. Active Poppies that don’t have availability in a week will show “No availability listed”.
  • Why did the caregiver decline my request – it said they were available?
    While every caregiver is expected to keep an updated schedule, the listed times still don’t guarantee a caregiver can do your request. Other factors like location and length of booking might influence if a caregiver can do a booking and that day/time. They might be “full” for the week with bookings, or something might have come up last minute and they didn’t have the chance to update their schedule.

    Just one more way we’re working to make your village accessible to you, in the way and times you need.

    Any questions or feedback? Just text us.

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