The more the merrier – check out Poppy Share and Group care options!

Dinner party? Double date night? Nanny share? We love it when Poppy can help care for the kiddos when multiple families come together. Many Poppy families have already been doing this informally, and we’ve worked with our caregivers to formalize 2 offerings that we hope you’ll take advantage of.

Poppy Share:
Bookings that have children from more than one family will be considered a Poppy Share.

The base rates will stay according to regular tiers – High school, Sitter or Pro but to appropriately compensate caregivers for the extra responsibilities of working with multiple families, there will be +$2/hr for children 4 years and up. If there are any children under 4 years old, that will be +$4/hr (the main rationale simply tied to the complexity of care for younger kids from feeding to potty to play).

This includes all of the following situations:

  • Full day booking shared with another family (eg. nannyshare)
  • An evening booking with friends from out of town
  • Playdate where a neighbor’s child comes over for a couple of hours (only those specific hours would have that rate)

When requesting a Poppy, please indicate in the notes that there will be additional children from another family so that we can update the rates and send the other family information to provide consent. The usual maximum # kids still apply – 5 kids at the Pro level and 4 kids at the Sitter level, 3 at the High School.

Group Care (or Event Care):
Situations where adults will be on-hand/ on-site but need Poppies to entertain and engage kids will be considered Group Care at a flat rate of $30/hr. The maximum ratio will be 1:6 ratio of Poppies: children (unless there are infants/ toddlers in which case the maximum will be 1:4 children).

Timage of Poppy request with option to skip this step and send your open request to PoppyHQhis is for instances like birthday/dinner parties, PTA meetings or church nursery care. To request Group Care, make the request for the time needed and send the request to PoppyHQ (instead of asking specific Poppies). Indicate in the notes the details of how many and rough ages of the children that are expected to be there. Then based on the expected number of children, we’ll help with finding the right number of Poppies, who will all be $30/hr.

For example, a birthday party with 12 kids would have 2 Poppies. A PTA meeting expecting 15 kids would have 3 Poppies and will be based on the expected number of children (vs. the number that end up being there).

We talked directly with parents and Poppies to structure these two offerings to ensure safety and quality of experience. Kiddos always come first. If you have any questions, please reach out and ask. We’re happy to chat it out with you.

As always, we welcome your thoughts and dialogue as we work to build the modern village that supports our families.

Yours in community,
founder | ceo

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