A New Way to Request a Caregiver

Requesting a Caregiver is Now Easier and More Transparent

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Poppy connects families to the best caregivers when they need them. Behind the scenes, it’s a complex process, involving schedules, preferences and qualifications.

We’re excited to share a new process that makes requesting a booking easier and more transparent. Now, when you click Request a Poppy, you’ll see a list of caregivers who are likely a good fit with your neighborhood, needs and preferences. Choose the best options for you, reorder, add details to share directly with your caregiver.

How it Works

1. Use Filters to Customize Your Request
Use the Date/Time, Kids, Address filters to add details for your request. You can also specify desired Tiers or favorite caregivers from the additional Filters tab.

2. Select Caregivers to Ask
See all the caregivers that are a fit for your parameters based on their inputted schedule. Select as many caregivers to ask as you’d like. TIP: adding more caregivers increases your chances of getting a confirmation, because schedules can change. 

3. Reorder Caregivers Based on Who You Want to Ask First
Before you send out the asks, you can change up the ask order – each caregiver will be given 30 minutes to respond before the next caregiver is sent the request.

4. Add Details for the Caregivers to See
If there are important notes to share you’ll be able to add those details so caregivers are able to see that when they review your request.

5. Check Status of Your Request in Your Account
The most real-time way to find out about the status of your request is in your Poppy Account. We’ll show the status of who has been asked, and will also show if the booking has been confirmed.

With this new process we hope you’ll be able to connect more easily and directly with the caregivers that work best for your family’s needs. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!

Request a Caregiver

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