Our littlest Poppies making us a “HQ”-warming sign.

We have a home! After many months of the classic “coffee-shop” shuffle done by every early stage start-up, we’re now a big enough team that we need a “home base” or a headquarters of sorts.

So last month, we were delighted to move into our little corner of Startup Hall on the University of Washington campus. Not only are we now a part of a fabulous community and surrounded by other incredible startups looking to do great things, we have a space and a place to host our caregiver meetings, do interviews and just … be.

It is quite remarkable how different it feels to have a home. A place to leave some pens and snacks. A place to belong.

So yeah, we’re digging our new digs.

The very first PoppyHQ. Where we bring the best minds and hearts together to really solve this childcare thing.

Let’s go!

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Changing the face of childcare, one text at a time.

We’re called crazy. Regularly. Or delusional. Or native.

I like to call us bold and hopeful and driven.

Because we want to upend everything about this one, utterly fundamental space. About how we think about it, how we approach it, how we rely on it.

I’m talking about childcare. Something so very crucial to families functioning every week that very few of us have stopped to think: “is there a better way?”

I am certain that if you’re a parent you have dealt with an issue already this week. And it’s only Tuesday.

Issues like finding someone that you actually look forward to seeing or finding someone that you know will be available when you need them to be. Somebody that isn’t so expensive that you have to save up all of your pennies to afford them for one glorious date night, or requires 4 phone calls and 3 forms to get booked.

What if the childcare of the future recognized that what worked for families in the past isn’t what works for us now. That now, we need our villages more than ever but more than ever, we don’t have them. We’ve moved away from them and communities aren’t what they used to be.

So we need another model. Because the days of getting that responsible high school kid are over (someone already found her and is hoarding her phone number). And sifting through endless candidates on job sites is worse than listening to your toddler meltdown in the middle of the grocery store.

The fact is, families need access to talented, trustworthy caregivers that can support them when they need them. A team that is there to rely on through birthday parties and soccer practices, playtime and bedtime, homework and schedules and everything in between. Who are so good, that maybe they know what we need before we even do – like I know the very best caregivers do for my family.

So now the question is, how do we find these gems and how do we create a high quality community of trustworthy families and caregivers.

It is certainly a tall order.

So yeah, we may very well be crazy.

But this crazy can change the world if we get it right.

And I’ll willing to take that chance