Now you can request by favorite Poppy!

Recently we introduced Poppy Choice – where you can select which Poppies you’d like to request, from a curated shortlist of caregivers that are the best fit for that time and need.
But we also know there are times when you’d love to have a specific Poppy so now, you’re able to see your Poppy Team and when they’ve listed their availability to request them during those times.


Key things to know:

  • Manage your roster from the Poppy Team tab – there you can star your favorites, if they’re not already, or reshuffle your team as needed. You can also access their schedules from this page.
  • Request during available times – you can edit the times within the available block. Confirm that the times and duration are correct before submitting the request.
  • If a caregiver can’t do the request, PoppyHQ will reach out to you. Because you’re requesting a specific person, we won’t automatically ask someone else but you can let us know how we can help – either find a time your original Poppy can do or ask other Poppies.

    Here are some common questions, answered:

  • Why don’t I see some of the Poppies I’ve had in the past?
    Only currently active Poppies will show – those that are away for school or currently taking a break will not be shown in this list. Active Poppies that don’t have availability in a week will show “No availability listed”.
  • Why did the caregiver decline my request – it said they were available?
    While every caregiver is expected to keep an updated schedule, the listed times still don’t guarantee a caregiver can do your request. Other factors like location and length of booking might influence if a caregiver can do a booking and that day/time. They might be “full” for the week with bookings, or something might have come up last minute and they didn’t have the chance to update their schedule.

    Just one more way we’re working to make your village accessible to you, in the way and times you need.

    Any questions or feedback? Just text us.

Introducing Poppy Choice!

Poppy was created with the goal of building a trusted community of caregivers and families that can be connected quickly and easily when care is needed.

We’ve worked hard to find and vet incredible caregivers and connect them with families for all of those random gaps in care each week – the reason that Poppy has served so many so well in the past.

But one piece of feedback we’ve heard from parents consistently is that they would love the option to see and choose which Poppies to ask. So we’re excited to announce the launch of Poppy Choice.

Parent choice
Now you can see and choose the Poppies you’d like to request.

The same Poppy magic will be behind the scenes, suggesting the caregivers that will be the best fit for your family but now, you’ll be able to scroll through a curated shortlist and select up to 5 Poppies to send your request to.

  • This list will automatically include your favorites and previous Poppies at the top if they’ve said they’re available at that time. Otherwise, you’ll see a list of other great Poppies you can send a request to.
  • If your request doesn’t show many Poppies available, then you’ll see the option for Poppy to step in and help out (eg. for last minute requests or busy times).
  • You can choose between 1-5 caregivers to send your request to. Our recommendation is to send it to as many as possible to maximize getting a confirmation as quickly as possible.

As we grow and serve more families with different needs, and as we bring on caregivers with a variety of backgrounds, we want to more directly connect parents to the caregivers they feel will best work for their family.  Poppy Choice is the first step on this journey.

This is just the beginning, and there are many more updates and improvements to come. We welcome your feedback as we work to make Poppy work even better for you.


Making magic: connecting caregivers to families

I’ve been part of the Poppy team for over a year now and it is amazing how much has changed during that time (remember when caregivers would fill in schedules on Google calendar and type a yes” or no” response to every booking request!? CRAZY!).

The one thing that has stayed constant is our goal to create the modern village for every family and to help each Poppy work with families that they love.

At the core of this is the family + caregiver match. Since we started, we’ve been obsessed with figuring out what a great pairing looks like. After testing and trying many things, we’ve been able to better understand the art and science that goes into this.

We’re now at a place where we can really expand on the science” or the technology part of this vision. We’re taking all of that information and insight and turning it into the ability to connect families directly to caregivers with minimal Poppy intervention.

What does this mean? Well we want families to be able to submit a request and for that request to automatically get to the right caregivers based on location, availability, age of kids and fit/preference. 

This means that over time, we’re better able to get you more bookings that more exactly fit your availability, preferred neighborhoods and preferred ages of kids.

Exciting stuff!

But for this to work, we need your help.

First, your schedule information has to be as accurate as possible. 

    • If you’re the perfect person to send a request to but we don’t know if you’re available or not, we won’t be able to send it to you automatically. So it’s even more important that your schedule is kept as accurate and filled out as possible. Green and red blocks of time are good, white space is no good.


Second, we need you to respond to requests as quickly as possible.

    • Our ideal is when each request goes only to the best fit Poppy, one at a time, and you’re able to review and respond to it without worrying about someone grabbing” it faster. But for this to happen, we need everyone to respond to requests (either Accept” or No Thanks”) as quickly as you’re able to so it can go to the next caregiver.iPhone booking request.png
With these two simple steps, you can help Poppy make magic by making it even easier for Poppy to connect you to the families that you love to work with.

Add a quick link to Poppy on your iPhone

We know that one of the best parts about Poppy is how easy it is to request a caregiver – whether it’s logging into your account at, texting @request to the line or just texting us the date and time you need. But we’re always looking for ways to make things easier for you so we wanted to share a little trick that could make requesting a Poppy even faster. Here’s how you can add an icon to your home screen that will take you directly into your Poppy account.

1. Log into your account using Safari on your iPhone

There are a couple ways to do this. You could navigate to on Safari and if you’re already logged in it will take you straight into your account. If you’re not logged in, log in on the page you see. You can also text @request or @login to the line and we’ll send you a link right into your account.

2. Go to the Request a Poppy page

You can add a shortcut to any of the pages on Poppy but we think the Request a Poppy page is the most useful. In your account tap the menu icon at the top right and choose Request a Poppy (you might already be on this page if you texted @request).

3. Add the page to your Home Screen

Once on the Request a Poppy page tap the Share icon at the bottom center of your screen. You’ll see a share menu popup from the bottom, on this screen tap the Add to Home Screen button on the bottom right.

Next you’ll see a page to name the icon, we called ours “Poppy” – then just tap Add. Voila! An icon that looks just like an app will be on your home screen.

4. Log into your account one last time.

The last step is to tap the new Poppy icon and log into your account once more with your email and password. You only need to do this the first time you use the shortcut, it will remember your login information for the future. Once you log in just tap the menu button at the top right and choose Request a Poppy. That’s it, you’re all set to use the button next time you’d like to Request a Poppy.

Android and Windows phone users – you can also add shortcuts to web pages. Follow steps 1 & 2 then find the share or menu option on your browser and look for the option that says Add to Home Screen (or something similar).

Changing the face of childcare, one text at a time.

We’re called crazy. Regularly. Or delusional. Or native.

I like to call us bold and hopeful and driven.

Because we want to upend everything about this one, utterly fundamental space. About how we think about it, how we approach it, how we rely on it.

I’m talking about childcare. Something so very crucial to families functioning every week that very few of us have stopped to think: “is there a better way?”

I am certain that if you’re a parent you have dealt with an issue already this week. And it’s only Tuesday.

Issues like finding someone that you actually look forward to seeing or finding someone that you know will be available when you need them to be. Somebody that isn’t so expensive that you have to save up all of your pennies to afford them for one glorious date night, or requires 4 phone calls and 3 forms to get booked.

What if the childcare of the future recognized that what worked for families in the past isn’t what works for us now. That now, we need our villages more than ever but more than ever, we don’t have them. We’ve moved away from them and communities aren’t what they used to be.

So we need another model. Because the days of getting that responsible high school kid are over (someone already found her and is hoarding her phone number). And sifting through endless candidates on job sites is worse than listening to your toddler meltdown in the middle of the grocery store.

The fact is, families need access to talented, trustworthy caregivers that can support them when they need them. A team that is there to rely on through birthday parties and soccer practices, playtime and bedtime, homework and schedules and everything in between. Who are so good, that maybe they know what we need before we even do – like I know the very best caregivers do for my family.

So now the question is, how do we find these gems and how do we create a high quality community of trustworthy families and caregivers.

It is certainly a tall order.

So yeah, we may very well be crazy.

But this crazy can change the world if we get it right.

And I’ll willing to take that chance